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Special Hours of Operation

11am to 9pm Mon-Sun


(765) 448-1888

For Curbside Pickup!

Limited Delivery Also Available

Meal Deals Available All Day!  $9

Served with homemade Spanish rice, hearty frijoles refritos, sour topping, and a soft drink.  Comfort your craving with a choice of beef, chicken, or pork!  Steak $1.50 extra each item.   Individual portion of chips and salsa served with each order!

Special 1
special #2
Special #3
special #4
special #5
special #6
special #7 fixed
special #8
chips and salsa

Weekly Carry Out SpecialS!

Pepe's of Lafayette caters!  Please call (765) 448-1888 for details


We want to thank the community for your continued support. 

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